PC Refresh Service

Complete a PC refresh if you have an old PC with only a mechanical hard drive inside and it's getting too slow, an SSD is a cheap and easy way to get a big speed increase.

Over time your PC will slow down, that's just the sad nature of things if you're using an older PC that doesn't have any form of SSD inside it. However, there's one very simple thing to do that will reap you some significant performance increases.

A mechanical HDD will never offer data transfer speeds that an SSD will. Even a low-cost SSD will vastly outperform even the leading HDDs. A HDD-only system will be slow to boot up, slow to load apps and slow to read and write files.

For not a lot of money you can breathe new life into your PC.

Our offer

Hyperlincs will install a new SSD into your computer and will perform a fresh installation of Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 (A FREE upgrade to WIndows 10 will be provided if your computer has a valid license for upgrade).

Our technician will ensure that the Windows TRIM settings are optimised to ensure the maximum performance from your SSD.

Desktop service

On desktop computers, we will endeavour to leave the current HDD to act as a secondary mass storage device providing additional capacity to store files, applications and games.  In this scenario, Hyperlincs recommends only placing the operating system (Windows) and other important Boot files on to the SSD.

Laptop Service

Most laptops will only have enough internal space for a single hard drive, in this case, Hyperlincs recommends installing a SSD big enough to hold both the operating system and the customers files, applications and games.  The old HDD could be places into an external USB caddy providing a great facility to backup your laptop. Your HDD could be installed into a Hyperlincs supplied External USB caddy for just £15

Prices for this service are:

120GB = £95

240GB = £110

500GB = £160

1TB = £300