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Hyperteach provide an online Computer Science A-Level course as well as private tutoring
The monthly community magazine for Sleaford and surrounding villages serving over 22,850 households and businesses.


Shock Sleaford
The Shock Sleaford campaign aims to get a defibrillator within 500 yards of every house within the Sleaford area. This campaign is being run by Sleaford and District Round Table
Sleaford Oktoberfest
Sleaford's premier beer and music festival run by Sleaford and District Round Table, this is the main fundraising event of the year. Supporting local causes, including the Community Minibus.
Sleaford Round Table
The main website for table Sleaford and District Round Table. This website contains details of where and when the table meets, along with what they do and why they do it.

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